Mar 102014

This is The First edition of ‘What Does The Word Mean.’ I have decided that I am going to choose each word in alphabetical order, e.g . Amazing, Bombing, Catapult, Dress, Excellent, e.t.c. Not knowing what she was going to pick, or what it meant, I asked my mum to select  a random word from the ‘a’ category. She picked affinity. (So I guess I should begin, before I start to waffle on and end up with a whole page of writing, just explaining what is going to happen in these posts in great detail.)

Here it is my first What Does The Word Mean post:


Definition:  A liking for someone’s or something’s characteristics. A similarity of characters which suggest a relationship.

I am lost, completely lost. I have absolutely no idea where to go. I don’t know what to do, where I can get help or anything. No one likes me, they all think: “She’s different from us we can’t be her friend, she has a wheelchair.  She has dyslexia. She can’t get anywhere without help, she doesn’t know anything, that girl’s creepy.” Some of this is true, I am different to everyone else. I can’t get around properly. I am not as smart as everyone else and I do have dyslexia. But this shouldn’t stop me making friends or separate me from the other kids, oh I wish I could be like every other normal kid and find the things that I find tricky, very easy. I wish we could go back home to Philadelphia. I have such affinity for Philadelphia as I was never lonely there and no one cared what I looked like or how smart I was they were all so kind and it was my home.  I wish I could have friends here. I wish I wasn’t lonely.

Boo Kitty Boo

Mar 072014

This is an introduction for a project I am going to be doing called ‘What Does This Word Mean.’ In this project I will pick a random word out of the dictionary, find out the definition and write it on my blog and because this post would end up being quite short, I will write a paragraph or two including the random word. So the next time you see a post about a definition of a word with a paragraph underneath them you will definitely know what it is about….I hope you enjoy them.

Boo Kitty Boo