Feb 022016


I’m so sorry,yet again, for not posting in such a long time, it is just that I have been so busy with school and stuff lately because we are picking our GCSEs soon. Anyways I was taking pictures earlier today and I found one that I was really proud of and I was very amazed by.


As you can see it is a tree that is blossoming. I was very surprised at this because it’s only the 2nd of February and you would usually not see blossom like this until March.

I hope you enjoy my blog I should be posting more things but please accept it if I don’t because it is a very busy time of year for me but yes. Thanks for the support! <3

x Boo Kitty Boo x

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Dec 242013

Santa Teddy


If you look closer, you can see the faint outline, behind his beard, of Santa’s wonderful, warming smile.Shining brightly, he looks all around, seeing children laughing in the daylight, playing in the park and decorating the world with Christmas decorations. Santa looked further into their happy faces, “I love to see those wonderful smiling faces of Children at this time of year. It makes the gloomy weather seem so much more interesting.”

Boo Kitty Boo 

P.s. Joining in with Our World Tuesday.

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