Feb 212015

Red Tulip I haven’t posted anything in a very long time as I was so busy because I started at a new school. I am very sorry for not posting and I hope you will forgive me but to be honest I haven’t really had any spare time to look or post anything on my blog. So I now will post the first thing of 2015. I chose this image as it represents Spring time and also Spring represents new beginnings and that is kind of what I am doing, a fresh start to my blog. Hopefully I shall be able to post at least one or two things a week but if not please forgive me because as I have mentioned this is a very busy year for me.

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Aug 282014

imageThe waves of sapphire blue,

Beneath the wing swept sky,

A holiday bright and new,

With travellers passing by,

Far out at sea,

Among all the weeds,

A boat at a certain degree,

Flew past at speed,

A holiday bright and new,

The waves of sapphire blue.


Little by Little
Mar 102014

This is The First edition of ‘What Does The Word Mean.’ I have decided that I am going to choose each word in alphabetical order, e.g . Amazing, Bombing, Catapult, Dress, Excellent, e.t.c. Not knowing what she was going to pick, or what it meant, I asked my mum to select  a random word from the ‘a’ category. She picked affinity. (So I guess I should begin, before I start to waffle on and end up with a whole page of writing, just explaining what is going to happen in these posts in great detail.)

Here it is my first What Does The Word Mean post:


Definition:  A liking for someone’s or something’s characteristics. A similarity of characters which suggest a relationship.

I am lost, completely lost. I have absolutely no idea where to go. I don’t know what to do, where I can get help or anything. No one likes me, they all think: “She’s different from us we can’t be her friend, she has a wheelchair.  She has dyslexia. She can’t get anywhere without help, she doesn’t know anything, that girl’s creepy.” Some of this is true, I am different to everyone else. I can’t get around properly. I am not as smart as everyone else and I do have dyslexia. But this shouldn’t stop me making friends or separate me from the other kids, oh I wish I could be like every other normal kid and find the things that I find tricky, very easy. I wish we could go back home to Philadelphia. I have such affinity for Philadelphia as I was never lonely there and no one cared what I looked like or how smart I was they were all so kind and it was my home.  I wish I could have friends here. I wish I wasn’t lonely.

Boo Kitty Boo

Mar 072014

This is an introduction for a project I am going to be doing called ‘What Does This Word Mean.’ In this project I will pick a random word out of the dictionary, find out the definition and write it on my blog and because this post would end up being quite short, I will write a paragraph or two including the random word. So the next time you see a post about a definition of a word with a paragraph underneath them you will definitely know what it is about….I hope you enjoy them.

Boo Kitty Boo

Jan 242014

Tiger Hiding


When I was at London Zoo one day with my Granny. We went to  see the tigers in their shelter. It was quite scary at first because I was really close to the tiger but then I realised that he couldn’t hurt me because he was behind the glass. When I saw the tiger, he was hiding, well not really hiding but it looks like it doesn’t it? He looks like he is hiding waiting for his prey so he can be ready to POUNCE! on it at the just right moment. I wish I could go back there one day and take some more shots of him and all the other animals. It was a great experience. Thank you Granny.

Boo Kitty Boo

Jan 062014

One day, when I was sitting on a chair, bored at home I asked my Stepdad which school, he thought, was the best school in the entire world. He replied with Monkey School and because I don’t think anyone on this planet, except my crazy stepdad, knew what he was talking about, I asked him what on Earth he was going on about. He said to me that Monkey School was a school, where only the smartest children were taught and they were taught by special monkey teachers. I knew this was just nonsense but I went along with it anyway just to pass the time. He explained it further and said it was based on a secret island in the middle of nowhere, where monkeys first came from.

In Monkey Land they have a monkey university, a monkey school, a monkey village, a monkey hotel, a monkey hockey team, the monkey hospital, the monkey police, the monkey fire brigade, the monkey doctors and many other monkey things. So this conversation went on and on and eventually it stopped so I decided to be funny and I wrote two emails, to myself, pretending that they were from the monkey school, asking if I would like to join their school. I thought you would like to hear all about them so hear they are:

Dear Boo Kitty Boo,

We, the monkeys, have invited you to go and be taught in Monkey Land by our special, smart monkey teachers.

In the following email we will talk to you about the directions, accommodation and the special deals we are willing to make with you and your family.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Steve Monkey, the President of Monkey University.

 Here is the next email:

Dear Boo Kitty Boo,

I do hope that you will be able to accept this invitation, we only invited you because we knew that you had just been told about this amazing land and we knew you must have wished dearly to go to this lovely school, where well educated children are taught only to the best standards, as soon as you laid your ears on it. We also only invited you because we knew how smart you are getting and knew you must be challenged and pushed to your limits. In these following paragraphs we will talk to you about deals, school subjects, accommodation and our school inspections, APESTED.

The special deals we are willing to make with your family are:

  1. If you bring along every single person that means a lot to you, (family and friends) we will supply houses, food for the first year and we will pay everyone’s bills until your family and friends find jobs and can supply their own accommodation, food, health care and can pay their own bills.
  2. If you come with only your parents and siblings, we will pay for your flight in a private jet and have a house waiting for you when you arrive.

Please consider these two offers deeply and for now I will talk to you about our school inspections.

At our school, we, like any other normal school all over the world, have school inspections. Every school inspection we have ever had has never been ranked worse than zero. The greatest ranking we have ever received was a negative three.

If there is anything else you would like to know about school inspections please reply and we will always have enough time to answer them for you.

At Monkey school we teach, every language, literacy, math, science, history, geography, banana peeling, art, physical education, badminton, foosball and many other interesting but important subjects.

If you have any other concerns at all, then please, please, please reply urgently because if not we would have to give this wonderful opportunity of a lifetime to a four star educated child, which would obviously be such a shame as your are rated much higher than that. You and your family are all as smart as ever and are rated five star educated people.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Steve Monkey, the President of Monkey University.

There that is it for now but there may be some more weird but fun posts to come just like this one!

Boo Kitty Boo